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Jul 30

Diamond earrings- one of the elements or the main element of our appearance

Piercing and ears ornaments are the first known art of body modification in history tracking back to the beginnings of human life. The traces and remaining of these actions have been found at every step and appear as material things digging out by archaeologists, ancient drawings, or legends and descendants of the ancient cultures. Our modern world has not resigned from the art, quite the opposite. Earrings are regarded as the basic ornament of our bodies, for men and women all over the world. Mothers get earrings for their daughters soon after they are born, and some people do that with little boys as well. We cannot imagine our lives without a good, impressive collection of jewelry, including a nice portion of small shiny twins – earrings.

The vast choice of earrings is really stunning. Sometimes, it is very hard to decide what to choose. Moreover, everyone wants to have the best and the most original pair of earrings. The trends and fashion in the world of jewelry has been changing constantly, but some will always be popular. Nowadays, these are diamonds that have taken the lead. People got to know its value and amazing strength and charm. Diamond earrings won’t stop being popular until something more valuable and amazing will be discovered. Till then, we will be pursuing the magic that diamond earrings are able to spill over us. The most interesting and fascinating is the fact that depending on the particular structure, setting, look, and size, diamond earrings can diversify the overall impression it is capable of creating. And so, if we want to look simple but elegant, we choose small diamond earrings, usually set in platinum setting. This will underline the general appearance in a very subtle manner. On the other hand, if there is a need for us to look gorgeous, shiny and fashionable as never before, and decide to wear emphatic, well-defined diamond earrings; they will change even the most modern creation in a beauty bomb.

Diamond earrings have the special abilities to amaze and fascinate no matter what. Probably it’s the fault of the diamond itself, but we cannot neglect the meaning of the design, setting and workmanship. All these features combined make a perfect ornament that can easily transform a duckling into the most beautiful swan. Diamond earrings are today extremely attractive, and more people decide to buy them. Celebrities set a good example and if we have a closer look at their general appearance, we would probably notice that most of them wear diamond earrings. The effect is seen at first glimpse. Their eyes are sparkling, the whole face is shining, and their entire figure simply is beaming. Diamond earrings definitely helped to achieve that.

Jul 27

The most popular styles of diamond earrings

Diamond earrings are the most valuable and tasty woman’s ornament. It comes along with all kinds of wardrobe starting with everyday outfit, ending on the most stylish dresses. Every time, diamond earrings are give us the certainty that we will look magnificent and we impress everyone around us. Moreover, their abilities and possibilities in the field of making a marvellous impression have been confirmed many times, with hundreds of women, including celebrities, who are in love with diamonds. While shopping for a nice pair of diamond earrings we usually come across various styles what makes our choice more complicates. Here, we are going to present the most common, most attractive, and at the same time the most effective styles of diamond earrings.

Classical style of jewellery are studs. Diamond earrings in this style are mostly small and gentle. These are good and appropriate for any occasion – every day meetings, work, little parties. Studs diamond earrings expose the gem, allowing it to impress us with all their charm in a subtle manner. Here, there is no affectation, exaggeration, but a sweet, gentle note of refinement and sophistication. Pure classic experiences together with timeless beauty. Diamond studs earrings are a perfect gift as well. Thanks to their universal style, presence and refinement, they will undoubtedly take the heart of any women.

Diamond hoop earrings are next to being mentioned in the sea of possibilities. Hoops are flirty and speak more than tiny, inconspicuous studs. There is a bit of power and strength in the design what adds to the general impression it creates. Diamond hoop earrings will bring distinction and light to our overall appearance. Hoops are definitely more courageous and provocative, not to say aggressive…although the best word to describe it will be mischievous. These diamond earrings are perfect for all kinds of parties, banquettes, and many other occasions we need to look fashionable and vivid. Diamond hoop earrings sizes varies from the smallest ones – very elegant but expressive – to the biggest and the heaviest ones – extremely visible and effective.

If we want more than that, we can always take a closer look at drops diamond earrings that dangle below the stud setting. The style is very original and liked by many women. This is because of the fact that the beauty of the type of earrings lies in their unpredictability. When they are not too long, they appeal to the senses with agreeable and pleasant allure, appropriate for every occasion we can think of. Longer, are capable of evoking mysterious atmosphere of secrets and magic. The longest are resolute and daring. At the same time, all of them are combined with elegance and supported by the greatness of diamonds sparkles.

Jul 22

Girls – Lock Up Your Earrings

Has anyone noticed lately just how many men are sporting a diamond earring? Be it a cuff, a small hoop (a la Jack Sparrow) or a stud, diamonds are appearing in the ears of men across the globe. And women everywhere are either appalled by the seemingly feminine characteristic in their men, or intrigued and rather taken with it.

For those that don’t know, you can be forgiven for assuming that this (worrisome?) trend is a modern one..unfortunately it’s not. Since man first discovered himself language, and how to wield it with the mighty pen, the non-fairer sex of our species has been known to sport an earring (or two) in their ears.

There’s a world famous painting, Chandos portrait (believed to be of William Shakespeare no less), that was painted in the early 1600′s. As you can see from the image, the painting’s subject is wearing a small earring in his left ear. In the 1600′s! Pray..for man art mad and presumptuous to bear such a woman’s trinket upon their person!

We jest, for even Chandro’s Portrait is not the earliest known evidence of man’s fascination with jewelry, albeit just a little bit girly. Even the Persians, thousands of years ago, were known to favor the wearing of earrings, usually several at once. Sailors through the ages have worn them, as have their seafaring counterparts, pirates.

Rogues they may have been but vain they were..just a little bit. Johnny Depps portrayal of the blackguardly Captain Jack Sparrow, though theatrical, is based upon the accepted characterization of what a pirate looked like. Brash, mismatched clothing, largely unkempt looking, and adorned with jewelry.

Going back to Mr Depp, he wears earrings irrespective of whether he’s in character or not, which brings us to the modern-day man, and his liking for the diamond cuff. Famous sports stars, actors and pop stars are all known to be fond of Hollywood style bling, and sporting a huge rock in your ear is considered to be de rigeur among the rich and famous.

It’s hardly surprising, then, that lesser known men (husbands, boyfriends, sons, fathers) appear to find earrings an acceptable accessory for the modern man. This is why you need to start thinking about how your next (new) pair of diamond studs might look in your husband or partners ears. Or your sons. There’s no real obvious definition between a woman’s diamond earrings and those of a man.

However there is an upshot to all this – in the event that you lose an earring, you could always pass the spare one as a gift to your man…just don’t tell him where it came from.

Jul 19

April Rocks

Oh yes it does. Do you know why? Because the diamond is the gemstone of April.

There is no other gemstone quite so rare, so beautiful, so darned expensive as the diamond. Fired deep within the mighty heart of Mt Doom … kidding. Just a little.

Diamonds are created over long (long, long, long) expanses of time. They are, for want of a lengthier description (but this one will do) not much more than a lump of crystallized carbon. A pretty one mind, but carbon based nonetheless.

So are we but we look a bit different to start with, and wouldn’t look too good if subjected to the same process that each diamond undergoes..

As they come, diamonds are nothing short of unimpressive – in terms of how they look. However, given over to the hands of a skilled diamond cutter and voila! – you have something more beautiful than any Hollywood siren, than any painting, than any Hugh Jackman.

Diamonds are unique, each one is different from the next. Yes, they can all end up becoming Princess or Heart shaped diamonds, they can all end up being set as pendants. Or wedding bands but … the cut, clarity, color and carat are what make them so incomparable. We love the four c’s.

Ok, there was only ever one Elizabeth Taylor, but was her talent and beauty unrivaled? No. And maybe sapphires and rubies are beautiful, precious stones that they are. But are they comparable to diamonds? No. Nothing compares. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Except perhaps a bigger, better diamond.

And that’s why April rocks. Those born within the month are blessed with the fabulous diamond as their birthstone, and what a stone to be blessed with. Let’s face it, being blessed with a brick doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it now?

For the record, I was born in April. And I readily accept all gifts, with a particular leaning towards any that contain or are finished off by a nice shiny rock. Thanks.

Jul 16

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Ain’t that the truth? Diamonds are a girls best friend. Why? Because women love beautiful things. They love being beautiful, felling beautiful, and what’s more everlasting in its beauty than a diamond?

Remember watching Marilyn Monroe cavorting around in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Remember the words of the now famous song? Maybe you don’t but you’ll definitely remember the chorus, and probably have an image of Marilyn, in that vibrant pink dress, playing a group of guys lie a fine piano, burned into your memory.

The point? That the song, that particular clip and the lyric perfectly sum up what’s so eternally alluring about diamonds. They never fade, they never crumble, they won’t ever lose their intensity, how ever long you own them.

Once a diamond has been mined, processed, graded and cut, their beauty is beyond timeless, and the old adage ‘what women want’ can be summed up in one little word..diamonds. Or a few..three stone rings, journey pendants, diamond bracelets – you get the picture.

Presenting a woman with the gift of a fabulous pair of three stone diamond earrings is the ultimate way to show your love. And that you don’t mind spending some of your hard earned cash on her. Of course you can go too far and set the goal a little high by going completely crazy and buying her a huge rock but any man worth his salt start small and perfectly formed.

That way you can always move through the gamut of sizes and grades as you hit the occasional stumbling block, and need to say sorry in a very big way..

Joking aside, there are many sentimental reasons regarding the purchase of diamond jewelry, but none is more sincere, nor as beautiful, as simply using them to say ‘I love you’. This is perhaps the single biggest reason as to why diamonds are commonly used in wedding jewelry, and related relationship-inspired pieces.

A diamond represents dependability, longevity, natural beauty, and knowing that every woman will display nothing but delight at being presented with a unique piece encrusted with diamonds makes the buying of them so worth while. And, you know..you may just become her second new best friends, right after her diamonds.

Jul 13

Diamond Earrings Have Real Appeal

The title is a little misleading, as it should say ‘sex appeal’, because that’s exactly what the humble earring has, by the bucket load. There’s always been something inherently erotic about a woman’s ears, and since time immemorial women have worn earrings as a means of adding to their allure.

Way back in the annals of time, women adorned themselves with various types of jewelry but then, as now, earrings were always used to attract attention, to demonstrate, without words, a woman’s status, her religious leaning, who her family were or what tribe she came from, and, in times when flirting and dalliance was more acceptable, her allure and appeal.

Rarely, in modern times, are earrings ever worn as a means of declaring ‘I’m Christian’, or ‘I am from Family ‘X”, instead they’re worn for status, to add detail to an outfit, a look, or simply because they’re a piece of jewelry that can add to a woman’s seductiveness.

The right choice of earrings, teamed with the right hairstyle, can attract the eye of the opposite sex in an incredibly subtle way..and it’s subtlety that’s a lot to do with a woman’s sensuality. A delicate diamond hoop, a flirty diamond drop, drags the eye to the eras, the neck, the nape.

Why do you think that the rich and famous wear such fabulous jewelry every time they’re working the public arena? It’s not just about ‘hey! I’m super-rich!’, it’s also about adding to their charisma, their attractiveness. That and the fact that even if you’re not blessed with a million bucks in the bank, the right earrings can make it look like you have.

As with anything, it’s good to know which ones suit what occasion..as in which ones are best for the coquettish woman:

  • hoop earrings can be flirtatious, depending upon the style and size
  • dangle earrings more so, as there’s much more movement
  • chandelier earrings are unmistakably devilish, and a popular choice

However you want to have others perceive you, it’s always worth remembering that any type of jewelry will speak volumes about you, your personal tastes and the person that you are. In the event that you want to win that new job you’ve been after..don’t wear your outrageously playful diamond chandelier earrings to the interview.

Jul 11

I Love Diamonds But I Don’t Have A Diamond Budget

Diamonds. We all want one (or two) but we can’t all afford them. Or can we.

Yes, we can. The secret lies in the size, the type, the quality. In jewelry speak, the four C’s – cut, color, clarity and carat.

Ok, we want the best of the best but you and I both know that with the budget we’re looking at, we’re going to gave to settle for what we can afford, rather than what we’re dreaming about. Dreams are a wonderful thing but..they sometimes cost more than we’re bargaining for. Let’s stick to our principles – ‘x’ amount is proportionately equal to ‘x’ diamond, no ifs, no buts.

In order to find the perfect piece, the one that comfortably sits within the confines of your budget, you need to aim for a combination of several things:

  1. a lesser quality diamond. One that will cost a few hundred bucks isn’t going to be on the same level as one that costs a few thousand..pure math

  2. consider a piece that’s discounted. There’s plenty of competition out there (for your money) so shop around

  3. buy online. And don’t be afraid to do so. A legitimate store will be regulated by the same guidelines of any high street jewelers. Look for the financial accreditation that all legitimate online outlets should display, call them (there should always be contact information clearly provided), read through their terms and conditions, their FAQ’s

The above are all common sense steps, and together they should help you to locate the diamond jewelry that you’re looking for.

From the bystanders perspective, it’s also worth remembering that the average friend, sister, or work colleague knows next to nothing about diamonds anyway, other than they’re stunning, rare, sought after. Sticking your hand out, in order to show off your newly acquired discount diamond ring, or baring your earlobes in order to flash you wholesale diamond stud earrings is only going to elicit one response:

oh my God they’re awesome, so beautiful. I want!”

At which point you smile demurely and keep quiet about how much and where from.

But..but..I want a real flashy diamond!

Well you can have one. You just won’t be the owner of something the size of small lump of rock. You’ll still have a diamond ring, pendant, or earrings, albeit it a piece of jewelry with a smaller diamond, or one of lesser quality.

This pair of diamond drop earrings retail for less than $300, and yet they’re simply stunning. Beautiful jewelry..affordable prices.

When it comes to diamonds, the old saying ‘they don’t make diamonds as big as brick’ is apt for a reason. In our opinion, even a small, lesser quality diamond is better than no diamond at all. And let’s face it, last time you went looking at or for diamond jewelry, did you really know the carat and color of a diamond just by looking at it?

Jul 09

Let’s Go Shopping – Diamond Hoop Earrings

All diamonds are beautiful, but not all diamonds are equal. The same can be said of the different types of jewelry that diamonds are set into. Previously we’ve talked a little about stud earrings, and today we’re going to look at another highly popular design – the hoop earring.

Most women (and we mean most..) won’t pretend to prefer this shape or that shape when they’re presented with a diamond anything..all they can see are the shiny bits. However, there is a difference in look and wearabilty when it comes to comparing the traditional stud and the flirtatious hoop. A hooped earring hangs from the ear, it dangles rather than sits in the lobe, and one that’s encrusted with diamonds will forever catch and reflect light – as well as the eyes of others.

They’re a flirty earring, lacking the conventional appeal of the stud, if for no other reason than they’re larger, more obvious, and tend to be worn as an eye-catching piece, as opposed to the demure, subtle stud. Some people find them a little too flashy, particularly the larger hoop styles, but the truth is it’s not the jewelry that makes the wearer look as though they lack taste, and class – it’s the way in which they’re worn that affects the perception of others.

However large the hoop, the right styling, hair and makeup can and do make a woman look exactly like she wants to feel..a million dollars. Also, a larger earring has a larger surface area, which provides the designers with more scope when it comes to deciding on the finished look. Some of the most beautiful hooped earrings are dazzling as much because of the diamond’s settings as they are due to the diamonds themselves.

Further, the different sizes offer the purchaser a lot more choice:

  • something eternally delicate, a small hoop that almost hugs the ear lobe
  • hoops that are a little larger, yet they’re wide enough to lend them substance
  • alternatively a finer width, dainty yet flirty
  • all out bling – large, unmistakable, fabulous

Whatever the end choice, diamond hoop earrings are many in their design, and each one will offer something unique to the wearer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ‘look at me’ pair, or a pair that will add the finishing touch to an elegant outfit, hooped earrings are a popular style of earring, and rightly so..thousands and thousands of years of being worn by women the world over have got to mean something, right?

Jul 07

Discount Diamond Earrings

When buying diamond earrings, is it worth buying a discount pair? The right answer is yes – it is. Don’t let the word put you off. Discount is not synonymous with low-quality, often quite the opposite. Whenever you see any items for sale with a lower-than-average price tag, don’t assume that the reduction in price is because the product is below par.

Stores and outlets the world over use sales and discounts for many reasons, and they’re rarely anything to do with an items quality so much as they’re to do with shifting stock out of the front door. Discounts equal profit increase, simple.

Jewelry stores, online or otherwise, are no different. You may be looking at a pair of stunningly good diamond drop earrings, and you want to buy them but for the massive price drop. What are you waiting for? Unless there’s information that details the earrings are of a lesser quality, then there’s nothing wrong with them.

They could be on sale because of one of several reasons, none of which point to you being sold down the street on the seat of your pants:

  • end-of-season sale. All stores, whatever the product base, host seasonal sales. It’s the best way to sell unsold stock, and commonly seen in online outlets and high streets stores the world over
  • end-of-line. Again, stores liquidate stock by reducing the price once an item or product line has become discontinued. Everybody knows that stock that sits on the shelves is worthless, right?
  • the product is down to the last few pieces – time to shift it out of the door by enticing potential sales with a hard-to-ignore reduction in the price
  • new stock is on its way, and the old stuff needs to be moved out to make room
  • it’s a new line and hasn’t been selling as well as expected – no matter what the RRP, sometimes the guys doing the pricing get things wrong

As you can see, there are numerous reasons, and all point towards you bagging a great deal, rather than being sold some worthless junk. A pair of diamond earrings that are selling for $350 less than the original price are most likely exactly what they look like – an awesome deal. Grab them while you can.

Jul 04

Choosing Diamond Earrings – Let’s Go Shopping

Buying diamond earrings should be pretty straight forward. You want a pair, you have a budget, there are plenty available on the market, so let’s get shopping.


It’s not really that easy, is it? There are way too many styles, designs, shapes and sizes to simply go out, see a pair and buy them. Anyone that thinks differently obviously doesn’t appreciate the fine art that buying jewelry is.

First of all you need to think about what you want, how much you’re willing to spend, and even why you want them. Make a list, mental or otherwise:

  1. decide on the type of metal – gold, platinum, silver?

  2. budget – big, medium, small or smaller?

  3. diamond – a little slice, a small rock, a boulder or a string of?

  4. purpose – are they a gift, a reward to yourself, for an event?

  5. Design – drop, stud, hoops?

As you can see, there’s more to think about than first glance would suggest.

Stud Earrings

They’re a classic choice, timeless, can range in price from budget-friendly to off the charts, and are always appreciated when given as a gift. Popular diamond shapes are the round of princess cut and, being popular, there are many available.

Drop Earrings

A touch of luxury. Diamond drop earrings are a little showy, a touch beguiling, if for no other reason that they’re more eye catching than a stud. The movement that you get from a drop earring, especially a diamond one, will catch the light and play with it, which of course will attract the eyes of others.

Hoop Earrings

A diamond hoop is flirty and playful, and yet they can also be incredibly elegant, according to the design. There are single hooped earrings, double and treble ones. Some are studded with diamonds, others are almost peppered with them.

Again, added to the above is the different metals that you can choose from. Gold remains a big favorite, though platinum has fast become most de rigeur in the last few years. That said, platinum is a lot more expensive and, much like a diamond in comparison to a sapphire, you will pay a higher premium.

Whatever your choice, take your time, don’t rush into your purchase and, once you have bought the right pair, you’ll know that they’re the perfect pair for you.