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18K White Gold Ring Price

When it comes to rings, white gold rings are a preferred choice amongst hordes of woman today not only because they are magnificent to look at, but because an 18k white gold ring price is far less than platinum rings. Iconic of modernism, simplicity and elegance, white gold rings make perfect choices, be it for engagement or wedding ceremonies.

In today’s age and time, it is certainly very practical for couples with a set budget to settle for a white gold ring since it is a cheaper alternative to platinum rings that cost a fortune. The sophisticated designs and the cool brilliance of white gold make it an ideal choice, regardless of the occasion. Besides, white gold rings are also a huge hit in the fashion scene.

The 18 white gold ring price affordability factor make it a popular choice of rings among both men and women. These rings suit people of all groups and make the wearer stand out in the crowd.

18K White Gold Ring Price

Multiple Benefits of 18K White Gold Rings

Opting for a white gold ring is lighter on the wallet as the base metal makes the ring band far less expensive than rings made of other precious metals like platinum. This allows shoppers to invest in buying rings studded with diamonds or other precious stones.

A very important reason why 18K white gold ring price you pay would be completely worth it is that these rings tend to highlight diamonds much better than the yellow gold rings.

Additionally, white gold is a much stronger metal than yellow gold. Therefore, in the long run, the possibility of wear and tear that causes the fading of the natural luster of the gold is significantly reduced. Since 18K white gold is an alloy, it offers superb durability.

The beauty of the ring would remain the same even after wearing it continuously for several years.

The 18K white gold rings perfectly complement all types of outfits and accentuates all types of personalities. The silver color band of the ring would be a perfect match for both your denims as well as for the classic, long evening gown you would want to wear for a formal event!

Why is 18K White Gold Ring Price Less Than a 24K Gold Ring?

The cost of an 18K white gold ring is usually lesser than a 24K gold ring because the actual worth of the gold jewelries is determined based on the purity of the gold. The 24K gold rings have 100% pure gold as compared to the 18K gold rings which have other tougher metals combined with them. Essentially, 18K gold is an alloy.

Can 18K White Gold Ring be Worth More Than 24K Gold Jewelries?

It may sound unreal, but the 18K white gold rings can actually be worth more than the 24K gold rings. This happens when 18K white gold is mixed with expensive metals like platinum. Platinum is a rare metal and its price is four times more than that of gold.

Usually, the 18K white gold mixed with platinum is used for making art pieces and jewelries that are costlier than 100% pure white gold jewelries. Albeit, 18K white gold ring price when mixed with platinum is sky high, the piece in itself is equally high on beauty and appeal.

One of the easiest ways to find the actual price or worth of the 18K white gold ring is to check with the local coin shop or pawn shop owner. Typically, these stores know the exactly rate per ounce of gold as per the existing market price.

If you know the real value of your 18K white gold ring, it would help you to sell the jewelry at the right price and get valuable returns on the 18K white gold ring price you had originally spent.

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