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14K White Gold Ring – Why Choose One?

A 14K white gold ring has become a much preferred choice amongst today’s youth for a slew of occasions such as engagement, wedding or anniversary. Available in a plenitude of designs and styles, 14k white gold rings appeal to both men and women equally. The sparkling beauty of a white gold ring is second to none.

Crafted in dazzling white gold metal, these rings exude a dash of elegance and have become iconic of good taste. The recent upswing in of white gold rings in the modern fashion scenario could be attributed to several factors discussed below.

14K white gold ring

Reasons to choose a 14K choose a white gold ring

The biggest benefit of buying a white gold ring over platinum rings is the cost. White gold rings are much cheaper than platinum and yet they have the same kind of grace and eloquence in terms of appearance and design. For the price you may shell to buy a simple platinum ring, you can buy a diamond studded white gold ring.

If you are buying a diamond studded ring, it is better to choose a white gold ring because unlike yellow gold, it would highlight the stone in a better way. White gold rings allow the clarity and the elegant cut of the diamond to shine through emphatically.

White gold id primarily an alloy and a 14K white gold ring is made with a mixture of gold and some other metal such as nickel, zinc, copper, silver etc. When sturdier metals are combined with gold, it lends the white gold ring with additional strength and tenacity.

Another significant benefit of opting for a 14K white gold ring is that the finish and the luster of these rings stays brighter for a much longer period vis-a-vis yellow gold or platinum rings. Often times, it is seen that the platinum rings tend to become dull and blunt due to routine wear and tear.

Being a strong and sturdy metal,white gold offers great durability. The prongs of white gold rings are much tougher than the platinum rings. The prongs are a crucial part of the ring since they firmly hold the diamonds or other precious gems embedded on it.

White gold rings look trendy and match with most outfits. These rings ooze unrivalled panache and dazzle that heightens the beauty of the wearer by manifolds. They are apt for most events and are a huge rage in the fashion world today.

14K White Gold Ring buying tips

Picking up jewelry can be a gargantuan task. Before making the final purchase, it is always advisable to conduct a background check on the credibility of the jeweler and ensure that only reputed jewelers are considered. When you shop from a reputed jeweler, you can be sure of the quality of the jewelry to a certain extent.

Thus, you are likely to get valuable returns if you ever wish to sell the ring in future. Do not forget to ask your jeweler to provide a certificate that indicates the purity of the jewelry you buy.

Design is probably the most important factor to consider while buying a 14K white gold ring. Take your time and consider the liking of your partner to choose the best design engagement ring for her.

Regardless of the kind of design, shape or pattern you choose, make sure that you pick the pick the right size ring. You would definitely not want to the ring to be ill fitting on your partner’s fingers while you present it to her on your engagement or wedding day.

White gold rings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. With multiples of options to choose from, you would definitely find the perfect 14K white gold ring for the love of your life.

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