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1 Carat Diamond Earrings- Wear the Elegancy

Diamonds are forever going the adage, and it holds true. It is suitable for all occasions for the engaged couple it is a sign of their togetherness, for the wedded couple it is the sign of fidelity and commitment, for the old couple it is the sign of togetherness forever and ever. At all junctures in life, princess cut diamond engagement rings and diamond drop earrings can be ideally gifted.

Most common question that arises in mind is how to decide which diamond earrings to buy! Well this is a relative question because it depends a lot on your budget. Rather we will take a particular example, say you want a 1-carat diamond earring.

1 carat dimaond earrings

1 carat dimaond earrings

 The price of a diamond depends on the color, cut, clarity, and carat. The color of the diamond is higher when it is clear, free from opaque spots, and colorless. The priceless ones are colorless whereas yellow diamond earrings are slightly cheaper in range.

Next is the cut. The better the diamond cuts, the better will it shine! To see if the 1-carat diamond earring has a clear cut, just hold it in light and it must shine in a uniform pattern. If the diamond, cuts are, too shallow it will appear more opaque and fail to reflect light brilliantly. Next is the clarity of a diamond stud earring. The flawless ones are extremely costly and rare.

The diamond earrings that usually rule the market is the flawed ones but the flaws are not visible to the naked eye. There are also flawed diamond stud earrings in which the flaws are visible to the naked eye, and they are less costly. The last point on which the price of diamond earrings is dependent is the carat. Carat is actually the size of the diamond and, needless to say, the larger the size the costlier it is.

Decide your diamond studs earrings keeping these points in mind!

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